Democrats Seek to Flip Trump Voters Ahead of 2022 Midterms


The 2022 midterm elections are high stakes races which will significantly impact the United States. Whether or not Republicans win is going to determine the direction and future of the country. 

When it comes to the midterms, Democrats already have a series of ongoing strikes against them. First is the historical reality that the party in charge of the White House during off-season midterms generally doesn’t win. Secondly is the fact that leadership from Democrats thus far has been disastrous. 

It appears as though certain Democrats are now trying to get ahead of their unlikely chances to win in 2022. News from Washington Examiner confirms that Democrats are now trying to reach out and flip voters who previously cast their ballots for former President Trump.

The Desperation to Win Voters

Democrats know that inflation and other crises they’ve created are alienating some of their own base; therefore, leftists hope they can make up for this by getting support from voters who have left the Democrat Party altogether. 

Right now, the objective for Biden allies is getting “Trump country” folks in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan to vote Democrat in the 2022 midterms. These Democrats are specifically going after people in blue-collar and rural communities who believe the Democrat Party abandoned them. 

Left-wing campaign strategists are also of the belief that the infrastructure bill being worked on in Congress will flip voters in “Trump country” back over to the left. Therefore, Biden allies are planning to go into these rural, blue-collar communities and discuss how Biden is supposedly working on building roads and bridges. 

During a recent visit to Pennsylvania, Biden also professed that his administration is going to be all about “buy[ing] American.” This is yet another clear attempt to win over support from country voters who have grown disillusioned with Biden and other Democrats. 

A Plan Doomed to Fail

Biden’s attempt to win over Trump country voters at the 11th hour is highly unlikely to succeed. Despite the pandering and political grandstanding, blue-collar and rural voters have seen exactly what Biden thinks of them. 

It was more than apparent when Biden closed down Keystone Pipeline over six months ago. He killed thousands of jobs while doing this; meanwhile, the green jobs that Democrats professed would come as replacements still haven’t arrived. 

The only reason Democrats are giving a thought to voters who feel left behind by their party is because they’re afraid to lose the midterms. However, in this case, Democrats are a day late and a dollar short. 

What do you think about Democrats trying to flip previous Trump voters to their side? Let us know your views on this new political strategy by the Democrats in the comments section below.