Democrats Relying on Harris for 2022 Midterm Support


America’s midterm elections are a little more than 13 months away. Right now, the Democrat Party has a lot of strikes against them and a very low likelihood of keeping, let alone, expanding their very slim control of the House and Senate.

For starters, the redistricting happening in the country favors Republicans, not Democrats. Likewise, the party in power (Democrats, for now) tends to lose the midterms. This is something that’s historically and consistently happened in the United States.

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Then, there’s the matter of what Biden’s presidency has entailed. It’s been one disaster after the other. That goes from shutting down Keystone Pipeline, opening up the southern border, deserting our own citizens in Afghanistan, inadvertently causing the death of 13 troops, etc.

Democrats don’t have much to campaign on as the midterms get closer. Attaching themselves to Biden certainly won’t do Democrat congressional candidates any favors. This could explain why Breitbart News reports that Democrats will largely be relying upon Vice President Kamala Harris as the midterms approach.

The Vice President’s Role in the 2022 Midterms

In essence, the Democrats will rely on Harris to energize the party’s base and push Democrat voters to turn out for left-wing candidates. In particular, the Democrat Party is banking on Harris to get women and younger voters in America to turn out.

To make this happen, the Democrat National Committee is already arranging various appearances and events for Harris. The vice president will accompany Jaime Harrison, the DNC chair, to a Democrat fundraising event.

There’s something even more fascinating about all of this. The source of fascination is the reality that Democrats believe Harris can get female Independent voters to turn out as well.

Meanwhile, Independent voters have been giving President Biden increasingly lower approval ratings. The Biden administration is doing virtually nothing to appeal to Independents in America. Therefore, it’s curious that Democrats believe Harris has this mass popularity and appeal.

No Distractions Will Work

Rolling out Harris instead of Biden ahead of midterms is merely Democrats’ attempt to distract the American public. Democrats know that the president isn’t doing his own party any favors; that’s evident in Biden’s increasingly worse approval ratings.

Therefore, Democrats are hoping by putting the vice president out there, she’ll be able to swindle Americans into voting for a failed party. Here’s the reality, though. Harris is Biden’s right hand woman.

Biden has failed the nation drastically and Harris is right there backing him up. Therefore, the notion that Harris can drum up support amongst women, young people and Independents is as ridiculous as it is illogical.

Do you think the vice president will be able to convince Americans to vote for Democrats during the 2022 midterms? We look forward to reading your views below in the comments section.