Democrats Push to Legalize Homeless Encampments on Public Property

As criminal activity becomes disturbingly more prominent in the United States, there still seems to be some debate about whether the time has finally arrived for society to get collectively tougher on criminals.

Democrats, for instance, are still duking it out amongst themselves about whether or not they are or are not for defunding law enforcement. Apparently, the massive growth in people falling victim to criminals hasn’t provided an obvious answer.

Not only are Democrats continuing to stand by toxic policies like “bail reform,” but they’re also now pushing to make homeless encampments the law of the land.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports, Democrats in the state of Maryland are presently pushing for a bill that would stop law enforcement officers from being able to remove homeless tents from public property.

A Closer Look at the Crusade to Legalize Homeless Encampments

In the Maryland state legislature, Democrats aim to ensure that police officers no longer have the legal power to have tents taken off property belonging to the public. This would then create a scenario where tent setups for homeless individuals are part of everyday life in Maryland.

Democrats in support of such a measure argue it’s about humanity towards the homeless. They also claim it’s not the place of law enforcement officers to stop public property from becoming the home base for homeless encampments.

Of course, Maryland Republicans aren’t pleased with this development. In New York City and other communities across the nation, there have been situations of homeless individuals attacking and murdering innocent bystanders at random.

Republicans in the Maryland state legislature, therefore, argue that letting homeless encampments take over the community is a seriously bad call.

As things presently stand, Republicans are unfortunately not in control of the Maryland Senate or House of Representatives. Democrats control both chambers; therefore, they may very well get their way and turn tent cities into the new normal.

A Stark Contrast to Other States

What Maryland Democrats are pushing for marks a stark contrast against decisions being made in other communities that have Democrats in charge.

Austin, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and several other blue cities have moved to crack down against homeless encampments on public property.

Apparently, Democrats in the Old Line State haven’t yet gotten the memo that perhaps there’s a reason their counterparts in other leftist communities have determined tent cities aren’t very good ideas.

If the legislation that Maryland Democrats are pushing for manages to succeed, state residents should prepare for public safety to significantly decline.

What do you think about Maryland Democrats working to pass a statute that would stop law enforcement from being able to have homeless encampments taken off public property? We look forward to reading your views in the comments section.