Democrats Now Calling on Biden to “Do Better” on Border Crisis

"Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer" (CC BY 2.0) by Senate Democrats

The Southern border crises of mass migration and overwhelmed facilities continue to worsen. President Biden is to blame for this, seeing as he’s rolled back several immigration reforms implemented by former President Trump. The result of this is now a series of crises that the Biden administration seeks to sweep under the rug.

“United States Capitol Eastern Side” (CC BY 2.0) by John Brighenti

Republicans were some of the first leaders to call out this president and his administration. However, the border crisis is getting so out of control that even Democrats can’t ignore it. Days ago, members of Biden’s own White House went down to the border to observe the situation.

Breitbart News also confirms that even Democrat lawmakers are beginning to call out the crisis that Biden has created at the Southern border.

Democrat Lawmakers on Biden’s Southern Border Crisis

Democrat lawmaker Chuck Schumer is one of President Biden’s strongest congressional allies. Schumer also makes no bones about lauding far-left policies such as radical gun control and the massive pork spending bill known as the American Rescue Plan.

However, on Thursday, Schumer did acknowledge the issues happening at the Southern border. During an interview with The View, the Senate Majority Leader told the co-hosts that Biden’s administration is “rolling up their sleeves” and putting in the work to fix the issues at the Southern border.

However, Schumer followed up this assessment with additional commentary. The New York Democrat noted that if the situation at the border doesn’t improve, he personally will tell the Biden administration to “do better” and speak out in a “public” manner.

Other Democrats have cautioned Biden against failing to listen to local communities’ concerns about mass migration. This is undoubtedly a matter that will impact next year’s upcoming midterm elections.

Biden’s Plan to Fix the Southern Border Crisis

Thus far, the Democrat president has not demonstrated that he has any plan to fix the surging crises at the Southern border. Many of the migrants coming across the border are either unaccompanied children and/or adults with COVID-19. Local communities have already expressed concerns about coronavirus-positive migrants spreading the virus.

Republican lawmakers have stated that the best solution for ongoing border crises is to reinstate Trump-era policies. Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for Biden to do this, though. The 46th president made his first order of business in the White House to remove as many Trump-era reforms as possible.

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