Democrats' New Deal on Border Security: Releasing Criminal Aliens Into America

As talks about immigration in America get more and more heated, both Republicans and Democrats alike are putting forth their ideas of acceptable solutions. Of course, it goes without saying that Democrats are more than supportive of illegal immigration and crime running rampant in the United States, as documented by Townhall.

The Democrats’ Support of Illegal Immigration

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell shed light on the proposal which Democrats put forth as it pertains to illegal immigration:

“House Democrats decided to add a poison-pill demand into the conversations at the 11th hour. It’s a new demand. And it is extreme: A hard, statutory cap on the number of illegal immigrants who could be detained by the federal government.  This would result in the release of thousands of criminal aliens and our inability to detain thousands more criminal aliens whom our federal and state law enforcement authorities will apprehend. This is a poison pill that no administration would — or should — ever accept. Think about the absurdity of this.”

The latest demand from the Democrats truly sheds light on how they feel about illegal immigration. Limiting the number of illegal immigrants which the federal government can hold responsible for their crimes would make America powerless to end unlawful entry into the states.
Of course, this is what the Democrats want; the left-wing has never really tried to conceal their support for open borders and illegal immigration. This is another reason why they refuse to come to the table and work with President Trump, even as Americans face the prospect of an additional government shutdown.
What do you think about the Democrats’ latest extreme demand? Do you believe the government will shut down again on Friday? Sound off with your thoughts and predictions in the comments section below!
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