Democrats Lacking Strategy, Foundation for 2022 Midterm Races


The Democrat Party is putting this nation through the wringer. From COVID vaccine mandates that are driving Americans out of the workforce to inflation, mass border crossings, bad spending bills, etc., the left has no shame.

It’s almost as if the left is trying to do everything possible before they inevitably lose congressional power. Nothing Democrats are doing right now is conducive to them winning over the American people and showing that Americans should vote for them to remain in control of the House and Senate.

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As the 2022 midterm elections get closer, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Democrats lack both strategy and a foundation for the midterm races. A recent development from Breitbart News moreover confirms this.

A Democrat Party in Disarray

The Democrats know they have failed the nation. They are very much aware that inflation, the southern border, foreign policy, and a host of other problems facing the country are their fault.

Therefore, as a means of salvaging their midterm chances, Democrats essentially want to bribe the American people with more government handouts. Rather than pushing for Americans to get back into the workforce, Democrats simply aim to keep the public more dependent upon government.

Democrat Rep. Juan Vargas, for instance, has declared Democrats will essentially be sabotaging themselves if they don’t collectively pass $5.5 trillion dollars in spending bills.

It’s important to remember Democrats are pushing for this level of spending as the national deficit remains an unsolved matter. This simply speaks to the disarray of the Democrat Party and the party’s disconnect with the rest of the country.

Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine has stated in order for Democrats to maintain House and Senate majorities, they must pass various welfare plans backed by the Biden administration. Likewise, all this spending Democrats aim for is something they’re trying to pass off as not a threat to taxpayers or the national debt.

A Comeback for the GOP

Unlike the Democrats, Republicans remain in a very strong position to win next year’s midterm races. The GOP has managed to not only highlight the failure of Democrats’ leadership, but also explain how Republican policies can get this nation back on track.

Securing the border is one important measure backed by the GOP. Another critical policy entails getting people back to work; this means striking down mandates that increase staff shortages and force people out of employment.

Reducing onerous things like taxes, inflation, and regulations are also key measures supported by Republicans. With a Republican Party in control of the House and Senate, they can stop Biden and congressional Democrats from passing catastrophic legislation into law.

Do you think Democrats stand a chance of holding onto their majorities in Congress after the 2022 midterm elections? We want to read your thoughts below in the comments section.