Democrats in the Hot Seat for Treatment of Latino Voters

Over the past few years, there’s been an increase of scrutiny into the political left’s treatment of minority voters.

Somewhere along the line, Democrats got it into their heads the minority vote was a given and they were furthermore owed the minority vote.

This has resulted in subsequent outrage from leftists when minorities vote Republican, express conservative views, or even express views that run contrary to the political left.

However, it turns out when voters feel taken for granted, some pretty negative consequences can ensue for the party believing they’re owed support from certain demographics.

According to Washington Examiner, Democrats’ longstanding habit of taking Latino voters for granted is now beginning to backfire on them.

The Democrat Party’s Mounting Problems with Latino Voters

Latino voters have become increasingly annoyed with Democrats taking them for granted and pandering to them in condescending, insulting manners.

Jorge Masvidal, a fighter for UFC, slammed Biden for steaming Despacito on his mobile phone during the 2020 presidential election in order to pander to Latino voters. Furthermore, Masvidal criticized Democrats’ misguided belief that they’re owed support from Latinos.

During the 2020 presidential election, Florida Latino voters played a significant role in Trump winning the state. Furthermore, even after Trump left the White House earlier this year, his support amongst Latino voters was stronger than it was in 2016.

According to Equis Research, 54% of voters agree with the claim Democrats take the Latino vote for granted without feeling the need to deliver. 69% of voters who prioritize immigration also agreed with this, as did 57% of voters in the middle class.

The Moral of the Story

At the end of the day, Democrats are doing a very fine job of alienating voters with policies that are harmful across the board, regardless of race or ethnicity.

At the same time Democrats are doing this, they remain under the delusion that votes from Latinos and other minorities ought to be a given. It is this type of hubris and aloofness that will cost Democrats in future elections.

Biden’s presidency has been a perfect case study as to why Democrats have no business being in power. Multiple people have already expressed their regrets over having voted for Biden. More are sure to do the same between now and 2024.

A new year is coming up, as is the one year milestone of Biden’s presidency. There are a host of problems that have ensued over the past year. With roughly three more years to go, there’s no telling what comes next or how many more voters Democrats will ultimately wind up alienating.

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