Democrats Gear Up for Second Primary Debate

Today marks the first half of the second Democrat primary debate. Later this evening, 2020 candidates will convene in Detroit, Michigan in order to battle with their opponents and convince the American people why they view themselves as deserving of the presidency. According to Breitbart News, Democrats are likely to seize the opportunity to get in shots at President Trump; recent controversies surrounding Trump’s Baltimore statements and his battle with the infamous “Squad” will probably come up.

Reports have also stated that this second debate will mark a turning point for many Democrats. As Americans know, many candidates are running out of campaign funds and failing to rise above 1% in the polls. The field of Democrat candidates who are hoping to take on the president is very crowded. Thus far, the three leading contenders are Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris. Ultimately, only time will tell which Democrats continue to maintain and which ones fall by the wayside.

What to Expect Tonight and Tomorrow Night

The second primary debates will commence tonight and tomorrow night. Candidates are likely to discuss their various plans and policies…and take shots at one another. Last week, frontrunner Joe Biden stated that he would not be “as polite” if Kamala Harris goes after him again. Furthermore, both Biden and Sanders have censured Harris for ambiguities regarding her healthcare plans.

Leading up to the debate, various Democrats have put forth proposals, likely to avoid taking certain hits from their in-party contenders. Democrat strategist Jill Alper has already declared that “everything is at stake” for the candidates tonight and tomorrow night; Alper subsequently urged left-wing contenders to focus on the value which they can provide to Americans across the nation and “pivot” from long, incendiary rants about President Trump.

Despite Alper’s advice, it is very unlikely that Democrats will refrain from going on about how terrible they believe the president is. Hating Trump has become a hallmark of the Democrat Party. When progressives spend their time focusing on the president, they are able to temporarily draw attention from how terrible their policies are. It’s a classical political strategy which involves strawmanning and redirecting.

Pressure from the Democrat National Committee

In light of the many candidates who are running for the Democrat nomination, the DNC has raised the bar for necessary requirements to appear on the upcoming third primary debate stages. This bar involves reaching higher polls numbers and raising more funds. These stipulations won’t bode well for many candidates who, as previously stated, are barely hanging on by a thread.

What do you think the Democrat primary debates will bring during tonight and tomorrow night? Let us know in the comments section down below!