Democrats Fear Crime Increases Will Cost Them Future Elections

"Kamala Harris" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Lorie Shaull

Across a series of leftist cities, crime is on the rise. What’s notable about these crime spikes is that many of them are occurring in areas where Democrat leaders have defunded or otherwise weakened law enforcement. 

For years now, the left has continued to advance this false narrative that police officers are racists and oppressors. Leftists in Congress have openly called to dismantle and abolish law enforcement; yet, they enjoy around the clock protection from some of the finest men and women in law enforcement. 

“Kamala Harris” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by quinn.anya

However, as crime worsens, Democrats are now beginning to experience the consequences of their rhetoric and advocacy. According to Breitbart News, the left now fears that the multiple crime increases will ultimately cost their party future elections. 

The Crime Problem of the Democrats

Progressive and liberal columnists are now openly admitting that crime is rising.

They’re also pointing out on their social media feeds that if this pattern continues, the political right and conservatives will regain the support of public opinion. These columnists moreover admit that should the left fail to “rein in” lawlessness, the right will get it under control. 

In America today, under President Biden and Democrat leaders at the local and state levels, the murder rate has surged by over 25%. Meanwhile, leftists continue with their anti-police talking points and are restricting just what police officers are allowed to do in certain communities. 

Many Democrat leaders seem to either not know or not care about the crime surge they’ve engendered. Some Democrats, such as the mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, are just choosing not to seek re-election; meanwhile, other Democrats across the nation (and in the White House especially) are ignoring the situation at hand. 

Just Now Seeing the Light? 

Amid impending political consequences, it is very fascinating that the left is just now seeing the light on the mess they created. They didn’t see it in 2020 when Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other militant radicals burned down buildings, destroyed communities, and set property ablaze. 

Many of the left-wing columnists shaking in their boots now over crime are far from innocent. The liberal press had made no bones about their own loathing of law enforcement; they’ve written op-eds in favor of abolishing and defunding police.

These people also continue to further the untrue narrative that police officers are abusing and murdering people of color. 

Law and order matters. Having a solid police presence is necessary for communities. Not a single community to defund the police is any better off for it. 

Do you believe the rise in crime will ultimately cost Democrats upcoming elections? Let us know your views on the political ramifications of rising crime down below in the comments section.