Democrats Fail to Nuke Filibuster or Pass “Voting Rights” Legislation

The Democrat Party has some very real problems that have only been magnified this year. These hardships are heightened by the reality of public sentiment turning against Democrats, due to the party’s botched leadership.

The political left entered 2022 with some new goals of passing legislation that would essentially give the federal government total control over elections at the state level.

When Democrats realized this wasn’t garnering the required support, they decided doing away with the Senate filibuster would be a great way to make this happen.

On Wednesday, the United States Senate held a vote on doing away with the filibuster; however, as documented by Newsmax, this vote did not work out in the left’s favor.

The Filibuster Stands

Wednesday night’s vote on the filibuster ended with 52 senators voting to keep it and 48 senators voting for its demise. All 50 Senate GOP members voted to preserve the filibuster, as did Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, two moderate Senate Democrats.

With a clear and bipartisan majority in favor of keeping the filibuster intact, the efforts of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other radical Democrats resulted in cold failure.

Ahead of the vote, both Manchin and Sinema made it clear they would not vote to destroy the filibuster. Along with Republicans, Sinema and Manchin described the filibuster as an important congressional rule and the system of checks and balances.

Despite left-wing calls to do away with the Senate filibuster now, Democrats loved the filibuster when it worked to their advantage as the minority party in Congress.

Right Back Where They Started

In a nutshell, the Democrat Party is right back where it started. Ahead of yesterday’s vote, Democrats knew they didn’t have the support to take down the filibuster, yet they tried it anyway.

After the Senate’s bipartisan decision to keep the filibuster in place, Biden released a statement, mentioning his dismay of the system of checks and balances withstanding attacks from the hard left.

The 46th president then made it a point to note that he remains “undeterred” in the quest for more power, regardless of the cost.

Meanwhile, Republicans across the country cheered at the filibuster remaining in effect, despite the clear agenda to bring it down. If anything, Wednesday’s vote demonstrated how out of touch the hard left has become with even the moderates in their own party.

Democrats across the country, meanwhile, are seething with rage over the reality that this latest power grab didn’t produce their wanted outcome.

Are you glad that the far left’s attempt to destroy the filibuster failed? What do you think about two moderate Democrats joining GOP senators in voting to keep the filibuster alive? Let us know in the comments area.