Democrats Can’t Keep Up With Reparations Demand

“Payment is due now.”

Democratic legislators all throughout the country have heard Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri use those four words frequently. Compensation for Black Americans totals $14 trillion, according to Bush.

This is Madness

In California, activists have been asking Gov. Gavin Newsom where the money is and insisting on upwards of $5 million per black inhabitant. One Reparations Task Force participant urged the government to pay its “sin bill.”

Mayors in New York and Chicago are protesting the exorbitant costs associated with transporting migrants from the southern border to their so-called “sanctuary” areas.

In Tampa, an eyewitness said they, along with others, were placing white people on alert that they expect their compensation after demanding $3 million for each black citizen.

After several decades of political debate on these problems, payments are now due, they say. Identification politics’ mainstays, for a long time, have been restitution and refuge cities.

Democratic politicians have been promoting such “moral imperatives” for years in their campaigns. They’ve been aiming to adopt sanctuary legislation and establish restitution task teams.

It is comparable to the cumulative interest charged on credit card borrowing. Democrats have leveraged these concerns in each election to their advantage in the near term. Now that those debts have become due, Democratic leaders are refusing to pay them.

The imminent collapse of our national debt has President Biden and Congress playing a possibly fatal version of chicken.

Although it might not seem like the best moment to ask for an extra $14 trillion, Bush stated black individuals throughout the United States cannot put it off any longer.


This is a viewpoint that black folks throughout the nation are expressing after being informed that making these contributions is an unquestionable moral duty.

Politicking on the subject for years has bred an illusion of entitlement to substantial monetary payouts. One well-known activist from California said it’s a debt that’s owed and they labored for free.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.