Democrats Backpedal on the Trump Wall

"US Mexico Border" by Shaan Hurley

The Biden administration announced earlier this week it’ll be filling in the gaps in Trump’s border wall. This is practically reversing six years of liberals’ attempts to smear the former president by calling the wall a “ridiculous idea.”

Unfortunately, the immigration crisis hit D.C. a bit harder than Joe might’ve expected.

It’s finally time for him to reap the rewards of his efforts, or lack thereof, regarding the border situation that’s spiraled out of control ever since he was signed into office.

“The Mexican Border” by EdmondMeinfelder

It’s almost as if it was a valid solution all along

Additionally, Biden pledged, should he become president, he would cease any further southern border wall construction.

Though now that some Republican governors decided to funnel illegal aliens into the nation’s capital, an unprecedented change in course happened.

Oddly enough, the project was authorized by none other than Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the man behind a number of policies that actually made the border crisis that much worse.

Many suspect this change of pace from Biden came as Arizona Senator Mark Kelly’s re-election is due. Considering the current political winds surrounding the whole border situation, he may find it difficult to hold onto his seat.

D.C.’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser demanded help from the National Guard, claiming what’s currently happening in the nation’s capital is a humanitarian crisis.

Greg Abbott, cool as a cucumber

The discussion quickly shifted to Twitter, where Abbott clapped back at Bowser, stating what D.C. is currently experiencing is just a fraction of what goes on in Texas every day.

Abbott added the mayor should stop shifting the blame onto him, and rather ask that the president do his job.

What’s more, Mayor Bowser actually resorted to using the word “crisis” when describing the current situation in D.C., despite the Democrats’ refusal to use the word when talking about Biden’s handling of the border situation.

On the other hand, Abbott is as cool as a cucumber, telling Washington Examiner that the nation’s capital may finally understand what Texans have to deal with every single day, due to Biden’s open border policy.

In the past three months, over 150 buses filled with immigrants were sent from Arizona and Texas to D.C. With the way it’s going, it doesn’t look like it’ll be stopping any time soon, at least until Biden patches up the wall.

Let’s not forget the Biden administration was sending entire planes of illegal aliens from the border to Jacksonville, Florida a bit earlier this year under the premise that it was helping ease the pressure on the border.

This was met with criticism from both the general public of Florida, as well as the state’s Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis banded together with Sen. Ted Cruz to relocate a large number of these migrants to Delaware, Biden’s home state.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.