Democrats Attack Volunteer For Marco Rubio’s Senate Campaign

Time and time again, conservatives are subjected to demonization from political leaders and even physical, violent attacks in the worst-case scenarios.

In recent years, some folks have begun warning that attacks against conservatives are largely motivated by left-wing leaders openly vilifying folks who don’t support left-wing policies.

Just a few months back, Joe Biden trashed “MAGA Republicans,” accused them of being “semi-fascist,” and said they’re hostile to democracy. Not long after this rhetoric, a Republican office in Seminole County, Florida was vandalized with “eat sh*t, fascists” graffiti.

Now, another act of violence against conservatives has emerged, this time with a campaign volunteer of Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio being targeted, per Breitbart News.

A Disgusting Attack

On Monday, Rubio revealed that a canvasser volunteering for his campaign was beaten up by four people who said members of the GOP weren’t welcome in Hialeah, Florida.

The senator also shared an image of the canvasser who is seen visibly injured and laying in a hospital bed with cuts on his face, along with tubes around him. At the time of the attack, the Rubio volunteer was wearing a Ron DeSantis hat, along with a Rubio shirt.

In order to fully recover from the injuries he sustained, the man is going to require facial reconstruction surgery, time for his jaw to heal from being shattered, and assistance to stop internal bleeding.

Thus far, there have been no mainstream Democrats to come out and condemn this attack. Florida Democrat Val Demings, who is running against Rubio to represent the state in the Senate, also has yet to make any public statements concerning this attack.

More Violence to Come?

If the Democrat Party insists on fanning the flames of division and doing anything in the hopes of securing political power, there’s a real possibility of more attacks coming.

As it stands today, the midterms are coming to a close, which will bring the United States into the 2024 presidential election season soon enough.

This race is expected to be more intense than the midterms, especially since the controversies surrounding the 2020 presidential election will linger.

At some point, politicians who knowingly rile people up with charged rhetoric about the opposition have blood on their hands when violence breaks out.

For as much as Democrats talk about wanting to preserve democracy in America, there’s little recognition from the party of how things like the attack on Rubio’s volunteer actually undermine democracy.

The silence from the left on this issue is deafening.

What do you make of the attack against a volunteer canvassing for Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign? Do you believe more political violence like this coming? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts about this latest development in the comments area.