Democratic Presidential Candidate Throws the Phone at Her Own Event Staff!

Second-time candidate and self-proclaimed spiritual leader Marianne Williamson’s presidential bid announcement was certainly one for the ages, albeit for all the wrong reasons one would want it to be.

However, this isn’t exactly strange behavior coming from the otherwise calm and composed Williamson.

She’s already been seen throwing fits and being verbally abusive to her campaign staff back in 2020. She barely got her name on the board right before dropping out of the Democratic primaries.

Williamson’s blind rage over petty matters

Unfortunately, we’ve been blessed, or rather cursed, with yet another one of her attempts at “restoring peace” to this country, even though she knows as well as the rest of us do that it’s nothing more than a pipe dream.

Thing is, the world would assume Williamson to be this beacon of hope and stoicism, at least based on the type of propaganda she’s pushing, but some interviews with her former staff members revealed her true colors.

One of the 12 men and women who were interviewed described Williamson as being prone to violent outbursts of rage, which were described as traumatic by some of the other former staff members.

As it turns out, Williamson had once thrown her phone at one of her staffers, following it up with shouting so loud that hotel employees would show up, wondering whether something happened to provoke the elderly, calm woman that entered the hotel.

Another time, Williamson was so bad at controlling her rage that she slammed her hand against a car door, prompting a quick visit to the ER, where she was given immediate care.

Williamson’s blind rage over petty matters

Nothing much has changed in four years, though. Williamson continued with her abusive ways, this time screaming at one of her staff members until they would burst into tears, only to repeat it later on in the day.

Paul Hodes, who worked with Williamson during her 2020 campaign, claims these reports to be consistent with what he’d experienced on several occasions.

What’s more, the loving and caring Williamson, who writes books on spirituality and accepting one’s self, would often mock overweight members of her staff, pointing out their weight over and over until they quit the position.

From tantrums over hotel room arrangement to fits of rage and paranoia when someone would do something she’d forgotten she asked to be done, Williamson is certainly an enigma.

Although it’s fairly certain she won’t be making it far in the Democratic primaries this time either.

One of her former aides claimed that she would get caught in a loop, more often than not, continuously screaming and shouting at those around her without ever even attempting to resolve the issue, almost as if she were a child.

Most of her staff members were forced to sign an NDA before being taken on. When they would challenge this, Williamson would present them with the alternative of tracking their location and activity on their phones.

The stories about Williamson’s behavior are practically endless. There’s an infinite supply of them coming from just the 12 former staffers who actually decided to break their NDAs in order to allow everyone to know the truth.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.