Democratic Mega-Donor Has Had Two Dead Black Men In His Home In Months. What's Going On?

It seems as though scandals and Democrats go hand-in-hand.
Earlier today, news broke that a black man has died in the home of Democratic funder Ed Buck. Another disturbing pattern of this story is the fact that another black male died in Buck’s home 17 months ago; the Daily Caller News Foundation has picked up the latest story.

What Happened?

Yesterday morning, the dead body of a young black male was found in the home of Buck. Back in July 2017, Gemmel Moore, a young black sex worker was also found deceased in Buck’s home. The death of Moore was ultimately chalked up to a drug overdose.
At this time, the name of the newly deceased black male in Buck’s home has not been released. The cause of death has also not been announced at this time; however, the second death of a young black man has prompted various protests of Buck’s home.
Activists have already noted the pattern and begun calling for the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of Ed Buck. Individuals who reside in Buck’s neighborhood are also on the receiving end of criticism; many people are stating that those who live around Buck share some complicity in the deaths of the young black men.
Buck’s lawyer,¬†Seymour Amster, tells a different story. According to Amster, Buck knew the recently deceased black male for 25 years. Amster furthermore maintains that the deceased reached out to Buck for personal assistance.

Going Forward

The investigation into the death at Ed Buck’s home is still ongoing. Many people have noted the pattern and wondered if there is more to the story than what is being reported. As new developments become available to the press, it will be interesting to learn exactly what happened.
What do you think about the pattern of black men dying in the home of Ed Buck? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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