Democratic Group Lands in the Hot Seat Over Pro-Biden Tweet


When the president of the United States moves swiftly against the country’s oil and gas industry, bad things are bound to happen. Likewise, when the president takes one move after the other to reduce domestic energy production, it shouldn’t be a shock when energy prices rise.

Unfortunately, this is precisely what Americans are dealing with as Joe Biden is in power. Biden’s moves against the energy industry have played a significant role in why gas prices are so high.

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Nevertheless, the Democrat Party remains bound and determined to defend Biden, even if it means gaslighting Americans in the process. As Breitbart News notes, Democrats tried this recently; only, it didn’t work out too well for them.

The Tweet that Opened Pandora’s Box

Apparently, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee thought it would be a good idea to push the outright lie that Biden’s somehow contributed to gas prices going down.

To make Americans believe this con, the leftist congressional group put out a graph showing a two-cent decline in gas prices during the end of November. They then captured this misleading graph by “thanking” Biden for causing gas prices to lessen.

The responses to this were not what the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee intended. Countless people slammed this misleading tweet.

Some of the responses stated that if the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee were to post a graph zooming out over a longer timeframe than just a few days, they’d see massive rises in gas prices under Biden.

Others noted the two-cent decline over a couple of days wasn’t even because of the president, but instead because of some Americans choosing to stay home, amid news of the omicron COVID strain.

All in all, Americans can see that Biden’s policies are causing massive climbs in gas prices. For the Democrat Party to try and make the country believe otherwise is nothing more than outright gaslighting.

What Would Lower Gas Prices?

If Democrats were really serious about lowering gas prices in the United States, they would get Biden in line and make him stop attacking energy production.

In order to lower gas prices, the president needs to make way for energy production here in the United States. This means not attacking US pipelines or seeking to shut down oil and gas drilling.

However, because the Democrat Party is beholden to radical environmentalist groups, they will continue to support the destruction of energy independence. Therefore, until America gets some new leadership, gas prices won’t be going down anytime soon.

What do you think about the Democrat Party trying to swindle Americans into thinking Biden has somehow reduced the costs of gas in the United States? We’re eager to read your thoughts about this in the comments area below.