Democrat Sens. Seek $5 Billion for "Masks for All" Legislation

"Bernie Sanders" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by cornstalker

In America, many politicians and health officials maintain their determination to get as many people into face masks as possible.
In more than half of states across the nation, residents are under executive orders to wear face masks. Some people have defied these orders while certain police sheriffs refuse to enforce them.

These reactions in addition to lawsuits against mask mandates have frustrated individuals who believe that everyone in America should be forced to wear a face covering whether they want it or not.
Now, Democrat senators are working to get a Masks For All bill passed. According to Townhall, this legislation would cost five billion dollars and aim to get “free” masks into every U.S. household.

What to Know About “Masks for All”

Proponents of Masks for All argue that the legislation would save lives and prevent additional shutdowns going forward.
At a time where so many Americans are struggling to make ends meet, Democrats in the Senate want to increase taxes even more, just so each person will get three masks provided to them “free of charge.”

Of course, socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is one of the leading advocates of Masks for All and other liberal senators are right there with him. Like other left-wingers, Sanders continues to aggressively promote face coverings and scream that everyone should wear one amid COVID-19.
Masks for All would also ensure that people who are unable to receive face coverings via mail have the ability to pick them up from predesignated locations such as pharmacies, coronavirus testing areas, etc.

Would Masks for All Truly Save Lives and the Economy?

Sanders is on record stating that sending free masks to all Americans would save lives and “billions of dollars” for the economy. However, the socialist has chosen not to acknowledge that the legislation itself would cost the economy billions of dollars.

In many regards, most of Americans’ minds are made up as it pertains to face coverings. People who want to wear masks are already doing so; others who do not are largely pushing back against face covering mandates and speaking out against them.
In several parts of the country, violent and even lethal confrontations have occured regarding face masks.
What do you think about Masks for All legislation? Do you believe that spending five billion dollars on this bill would help the economy and save lives? Let us know down below in the comments section