Democrat Party At Odds Over Defunding Law Enforcement

At this point, the necessity of law enforcement in America is very much clear to anyone who is paying attention. Amid new spikes in crime, even leftist mayors who cut police funding are now looking to restore and increase this funding. 

Earlier this month, President Biden met with law enforcement officers at the White House to address the aforementioned crime spikes. During this meeting, even Biden admitted that hiring more police is necessary in America; Biden, of course, also took the opportunity to further peddle his partisan gun control agenda. 

The establishment and moderate wings of the Democrat Party know that defunding the police is an utter dud and nonstarter; however, the extremist, socialist wing of the Democrat Party remains all for the continued defunding of law enforcement. 

As noted by Breitbart News, this has created significant friction within the Democrat Party ahead of the 2022 congressional midterms. 

The Party of Hating Law Enforcement

The socialist wing of the Democrat Party is fighting tooth and nail to cripple law enforcement and let crime run amuck. That’s why Democrat Sen. Jabari Brisport railed against the prospect of hiring more police officers during a New York Post interview. The New York Democrat alleged that the 2020 leftist summer riots speak to the need for fewer police officers. 

Similar rhetoric has come from congressional Democrats like Reps. Ayanna Pressley and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Pressley stated in a CNN interview that her support for directing funds away from police maintains; meanwhile, Ocasio-Cortez flagrantly asserted that “hysteria” is what concerns about crime amount to. 

Right now, the socialist wing of the Democrat Party is frustrated with the moderates and establishment figures seeking to remove themselves from defunding police. It’s gotten so bad for Democrats that weeks ago, the Biden administration tried to pin the defund police movement onto the GOP. 

No Rewriting History

The Democrat Party, whether it’s the socialist wing or the establishment wing, must not be allowed to rewrite history. Democrats seeking to distance the party from this movement are only doing so because of the upcoming midterms. They know that defunding police has backfired on their party and given Republicans ammunition. 

The GOP will not let voters forget which party rallied to defund police and then actually followed through on it. Republicans won’t let voters forget that crime is going up in cities controlled by leftist leaders, not conservative ones. 

Democrats ultimately dug their own grave when they started rallying to defund police. The first indicator of this will come in November 2022 when Republicans regain the Senate and House of Representatives. 

What do you make of division within the Democrat Party when it comes to defunding police? Let us know in the comments section below.