Dem Candidate Andrew Yang Predicts White People Will Shoot Up Asians

Left-wingers never truly stray from identity politics. It’s the way of the Democrats and ensures that they maintain their political platform, under the guise of pretending to fight against racial tensions and division.
This reality was evidenced yet again by Andrew Yang, a business owner and Democrat candidate in the 2020 election. Yang made some very interesting and divisive remarks about race during a speaking event, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing Yang’s Prediction

The following statements were made by Yang during an A Glance at US Politics from Asian Americans in December of 2018. Yang certainly didn’t hold back and asserted that a “shrinking, insecure white majority” is set to become essential perpetrators of genocide within the next generation or so.
In Yang’s own words:

“Who’s going to be the great rival to the United States in the eyes of American society? China, that’s right. And so, what do you think the attitude is going to be over time for the shrinking, insecure white majority that’s losing their jobs for, let’s say, Chinese Americans or Asian Americans?”

The 2020 presidential candidate didn’t stop there, however. Yang proceeded and compared his fictional dystopian future to real-life hate crimes.

“I think we’re one generation away from falling into the same camps as that the Jews who were attacked in a synagogue in Pittsburgh like just a couple months [ago]. So we’re probably one generation away from an American shooting up a bunch of Asians saying like, damn the Chinese, because there’s a giant Cold War even more with China.”

Democrats and Identity Politics

As previously stated, Democrats are absolutely dependent upon identity politics in order to maintain political relevance. Think about it: where would the Democrats be without racism, division, and animosity between various groups of people? In a nutshell, the left needs problems to be real in order to pretend to want to solve them.
Sadly, there are many Americans who remain duped by the left-wing, as evidenced by those who support Yang. There was absolutely no reason for Yang to make the comments that he did, but Democrats have to rile people up with racially divisive rhetoric.
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