“Defund the Police” Continues to Backfire on Democrats

In 2022, the “defund the police” movement is something that continues to torment the Democrat Party. Even after historic upticks in lawlessness throughout various US cities, there are still Democrats who believe defunding the police is the right thing to do.

With the midterms coming up in November, some Democrats have been eager to claim defunding the police isn’t a position their party embraces. However, other Democrats, notably progressives, are saying exactly the opposite.

At this time, it couldn’t be plainer that Democrats have not reached a unanimous consensus on whether or not “defund the police” is something they support.

Nevertheless, the disastrous impacts of slashing funding for police departments aren’t any less real. This is something pointed out by GOP Sen. Tim Scott over the weekend, as noted by Newsmax.

Sen. Scott on Leftist Defunding of Law Enforcement

While conversing with Sunday Morning Futures, the South Carolina lawmaker explained Democrats are out of touch and simply not listening to the American people.

Sen. Scott pointed out that with a 70% jump in police officers being shot, with crime on the rise, and morale significantly lower amongst police than it was before, the movement to defund law enforcement still lingers and has negative consequences.

Later, the senator told Sunday Morning Futures that instead of defunding police, what really needs to happen is police reform. Sen. Scott mentioned police need more funding, training, equipment, and resources, along with qualified immunity protections.

Not too long ago, there was work in Congress to pass a bipartisan police reform bill; however, Democrats ultimately shut it down by refusing to work with Republicans and demanding a takedown of qualified immunity.

Rising Threats to Public Safety

There is absolutely no doubt that Democrats’ “defund the police” agenda has engendered a surge in crime and even gotten some people killed. The same also goes for various “bail reform” initiatives supported by Democrats in power.

As Democrats debate amongst themselves as to whether or not defunding the police is a good idea, the rest of the country can’t wait.

No one who supports defunding the police should be able to hold public office and make decisions that impact the lives of the American people.

Thankfully, the November elections are an ideal opportunity for Americans to vote on the lawmakers that hold the House and the Senate.

At this time, Democrats are projected to suffer major losses in the November midterms. This is good news for the rest of the nation that will finally begin being able to heal from the damage of having Congress controlled by the left.

What do you think about the negative impacts that defunding the police is having on the United States as a whole? Please let us know in the comments area.