Defense Department Under Fire For Wasteful Spending

In the United States, poor fiscal decisions made by the US federal government have rippled out, generating very negative consequences for Americans. In real-time, inflation is at a ridiculous high and interest rates continue to rise.

Federal spending under the Biden administration shows no sign of waning. In fact, this president continues to make the case that even more spending is a good idea and necessary to make life better.

As so many Americans have pointed out, it is this short-sighted thinking that landed the United States into its present economic predicament.

Now, the US Department of Defense is taking heat, due to new spending that was recently uncovered, according to Fox News.

What’s Going on With the Department of Defense?

When Joe Biden came into office over two years ago, he immediately shut down any and everything pertaining to former President Trump’s border wall. Biden did this and claimed that having such a wall was wasteful, unncessary, and hateful.

However, Americans may be shocked to learn that since Biden made this call, the Defense Department has been wasting $130,000 per day simply on storage of the materials that would have been used for Trump’s border wall.

These materials include overhead lights, security cameras, panels, and more.

GOP lawmakers are now raising questions about the logistics of funding being used to pay the individuals overseeing these items. More inquiries have been made concerning the contracts of said individuals being paid to keep these materials secured and safe.

$130,000 is more than most Americans make in one year.

It’s certainly a lot of money to be spending on a daily basis with so much mystery surrounding it. So far, the Defense Department has yet to cough up answers that are reasonable and digestable to Republians asking questions.

A Neverending Circus

The weeks ahead will ultimately reveal whether or not GOP lawmakers are able to learn more about the big money being spent by the Department of Defense each day.

Some Republicans are also making the case that instead of putting these materials in storage, they ought to be put to use in actually building a border wall.

Illegal immigration continues to be a serious problem facing the United States. It’s gotten so bad that states on the border, such as Texas, are having to take action on their own accord to secure the border, despite this falling under the umbrella of the federal government’s responsibilities.