David Perdue Announces His Candidacy in 2022 Georgia Governor’s Race

Governors’ races matter in America. If there’s one thing that’s been proven since 2020, it’s the significance of which leaders are in different governor’s mansions across the country.

States with Republican governors have fared significantly better in terms of freedom than states with Democrat governors. Blue states are also seeing significant problems with organized crime becoming more brazen and frequent.

2022 will be quite a year in politics. Several states across the country are going to have governor’s races happening. In states like Texas, Georgia, etc., these races are getting increasingly more enthralling as America gets ready to enter into 2022.

In the state of Georgia, former Senator David Perdue has announced his run to become governor, as reported by Breitbart News.

Reviewing David Perdue’s Candidacy for Georgia Governor

On Monday, David Perdue came out of the gate swinging. The businessman turned GOP political candidate explained why he’s in the Georgia gubernatorial race. Perdue stated his run for governor is all about stopping Stacey Abrams from transforming Georgia into New York 2.0 or California 2.0.

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp is also in the election, hoping to seek another term. However, Perdue claimed Kemp has failed to effectively fight back against Georgia Democrats like Stacey Abrams.

Perdue next laid out his action plan, should he go on to become the Peach State’s next governor. The former senator will maintain public safety, promote school choice, remove Georgia’s state income tax, and more.

In a video announcement posted on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, Perdue explained more about his experiences, policies, and why he views himself as the best candidate for governor.

What Does Kemp’s Team Think About Perdue’s Entry into the Race?

Kemp and Perdue have been political allies in the past. However, when news broke over the weekend of Perdue’s plans to primary the current Georgia governor, the latter’s spokesperson weighed in.

According to Kemp’s spokesperson, Perdue couldn’t cut it in the 2021 runoffs earlier this year when Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff unseated him. Therefore, the Kemp team believes Perdue’s current entry into the race is nothing more than the former senator attempting to soothe his ego.

Likewise, Kemp’s team maintains the Georgia governor intends to run on his record and show the people of Georgia why he should stay on.

Yesterday evening, Perdue interviewed about his gubernatorial candidacy with Sean Hannity on Fox News. The 2022 gubernatorial candidate stated Governor Kemp no longer has the confidence of Georgia voters or the ability to defeat Stacey Abrams when November 2022 rolls around.

What do you think about David Perdue’s run to become the next governor of Georgia? Do you believe he will succeed or fail? We want to know your thoughts in the comments area below.