Dark Money Org Gave Millions To Fusion GPS-Linked Group

For the longest time, the left-wing has accused President Trump of corruption, collusion with the Russian government and worse.
However, Democrats have once again been caught with their hands in the cookie jar; according to reports from The Daily Caller News Foundation, a leftist organization has been found with ties to dark money groups which just so happen to be linked to individuals investigating the president.

Everything You Need to Know

The Democrat Integrity Project (TDIP) is said to have received a grand total of two million dollars from a California-based dark money group. Interestingly enough, TDIP shares ties with Christopher Steele and the Fusion GPS, both of which have investigated President Trump. There’s no scenario where this ends well and the new development simply sheds light on just how corrupt the Democrats truly are.
There are many unknown factors about the TDIP, although they are certainly on the left side of the political aisle. The right-leaning Capital Research Center President Scott Walter noted that the money trails and ties which link back to TDIP are clear examples of dark money in politics.
In Walter’s own words:

“You’ve found one ‘dark money’ outfit providing dark millions to another ‘dark money’ outfit and refusing to reveal anything to you. That’s ‘dark’ two or three times over.”

TDIP is also said to have responsibility for various left-wing, anti-Trump articles which have made it in the press. Yet again, this is a prime example of what conservatives are talking about when they reference fake news.
Liberal billionaire George Soros has also contributed a whopping one million dollars to The Democrat Integrity Project.

Corruption in Politics

If the Democrats were truly as appalled by political corruption as they claim to be, they wouldn’t be ok with the clear financial misconduct associated with the TDIP. The fact that the left-wing ignores dark money within their own ranks, yet baselessly accuses President Trump of colluding with the Russian government ought to tell Americans everything they need to know.
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