D.C. Mayor Pushing Back on Trump's Control of City Law Enforcement

Over the course of this week alone, riots in Washington D.C. have escalated to dangerous levels.
Despite what people on the left would like Americans to believe, these demonstrations have not been peaceful; in addition to looting and physically attacking law enforcement officers, rioters have taken it upon themselves to set fire to churches and deface iconic monuments with graffiti.

Due to the growing violence of these riots, President Trump has made moves to increase the presence of law enforcement officers. While these moves are for the safety of folks in Washington D.C., he’s getting some pushback from Mayor Muriel Bowser.
Breitbart News confirms that Mayor Bowser is using her authority as a city leader to challenge the president’s attempt to increase police presence in the area.

Why the D.C. Mayor Doesn’t Want More Law Enforcement in the City

Since the inception of these violent riots, Democrat leaders have repeatedly taken lackadaisical approaches that are getting Americans killed. Unfortunately, the mayor of D.C. is no exception to this rule.
To date, Mayor Bowser asserts that the “home rule charter” raises questions about Trump’s ability to make certain federal decisions in times of crisis. Likewise, the Democrat mayor also confirmed that she is seeking ways to legally challenge the president’s moves to bring more law enforcement officials into D.C.

On Monday, Trump made the decision to bring in the National Guard and U.S. military troops following violent riots. Following this decision, Mayor Bowser stated that the presence of additional law enforcement only complicated her job and the duties of local police.
However, in spite of the D.C. mayor’s censure of the president, she has yet to get the riots in her city under control.
What do you think of President Trump’s moves to bring additional law enforcement officers to Washington D.C.? How long do you think it will take Mayor Bowser to get these riots under control? Let us know in the comments section below!

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