COVID Vaccines Not Stopping New Case Surges

Health officials and political leaders have consistently touted the supposed merits of the COVID vaccine. They claimed that getting shots in arms is key to ending the pandemic. However, as time goes on, it’s becoming more and more apparent that vaccination against COVID is far from the end all be all.

Unfortunately, getting the COVID vaccine has still not stop certain people from being hospitalized or dying from the virus. Likewise, the vaccine does not prevent people from contracting or transmitting the virus. Now, health officials are pushing for COVID booster shots.

Real world evidence continues to disprove virtually every point made by the so-called health officials. Now, Breitbart News confirms that in spite of millions of Americans being vaccinated against COVID, virus cases have increased by more than 300% since last year’s Labor Day.

The Rise of COVID Cases Despite Vaccines

Johns Hopkins University data confirms that coronavirus cases between Labor Day 2020 and Labor Day 2021 spiked to the tune of 316%. Meanwhile, COVID hospitalizations jumped by 158%, with a nearly two-times increase of COVID deaths.

This news comes in spite of the reality that 53% of the nation is completely vaccinated against COVID. Health officials, of course, are faulting unvaccinated people for the continuation of COVID; they’re also claiming that variants like Delta and Mu have an easier time resisting COVID vaccines and antibodies.

Health officials and mainly leftist leaders have rallied behind vaccine mandates in order to surge vaccination rates. However, as more mandates are rolled out, a growing number of Americans are pushing back. First responders, for instance, are rising up nationwide against mandates for them to get the COVID shot.

Not Working as Advertised

Health officials and political leaders can blame the unvaccinated all they want. The truth of the matter is that these COVID vaccines are not working as advertised. If these shots worked as advertised, people wouldn’t be contracting, transmitting, and dying from COVID, despite being fully vaccinated against the virus.

The medical community has repeatedly moved the goalposts on what is needed to end this pandemic. Fauci has gone on record saying that soon, Americans won’t be considered fully vaccinated until they have a COVID booster shot.

When health officials and others demonize unvaccinated Americans, they do nothing to inspire trust in the vaccine. Polling continues to show that, at this point, people who haven’t gotten the COVID shot have no intention of doing so.

It might be a good idea to stop demonizing the unvaccinated and start asking why these shots aren’t working as advertised.

What do you think about the fact that COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are up, despite more than half of the nation being vaccinated? Share your views below in the comments section.