COVID Vaccine Mandates Won’t Strong-arm the Unvaccinated Into Getting Jabbed

Last week, President Biden gave one of the most divisive speeches to ever come from a U.S. president. He spent time snarling and snapping at American citizens who have chosen for whatever reason not to get the COVID vaccine.

Biden claimed that “patience” with folks who haven’t gotten jabbed is running low. Between this and issuing threats against Republican governors, Biden also announced a nationwide COVID vaccine mandate for private businesses. This is something that Republicans and some business owners are already vowing to fight legally.

Clearly, Biden is of the mindset that mandating and strong-arming people into getting the COVID vaccine is the way to go. However, Breitbart News shines light on a recent poll that demonstrates precisely the opposite.

The Findings From CNBC/Change Research

According to CNBC/Change Research, 83% of Americans who aren’t vaccinated against coronavirus at this point have no plans to get vaccinated. Furthermore, this poll also revealed that 84% of these workers said that vaccine mandates from their jobs and news that the vaccines had zero side effects wouldn’t make them roll up their sleeves.

53% of unvaccinated Americans also declared that the push for people to now take booster shots heightened their distrust of the COVID vaccines. Meanwhile, health officials like Fauci have announced an upcoming update to the “fully vaccinated” term.

Soon, Americans will only fall under the umbrella of “fully vaccinated” if they have one of the original COVID vaccines in addition to a booster shot. Moreover, there’s no telling that the medical community won’t later come up with another way to move the goalposts on what constitutes as “fully vaccinated.”

Problematic Attitudes from the Medical Community

Since the inception of COVID, the medical community has shown a shocking amount of problematic arrogance. Fauci and others like him believe that Americans should simply do what they’re told and not ask any questions about things like face masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and COVID vaccines.

Health officials have flip-flopped consistently; they repeatedly move the goalposts. Then, they get angry that Americans aren’t trusting them with no questions asked. Ironically, it is this sort of attitude that engenders mistrust in the medical community.

Attempts to strong-arm the unvaccinated into getting COVID vaccines only heightens this mistrust. It’s worth noting that when something is truly good, people don’t have to be railroaded and threatened into doing it.

When politicians are saying things like “this isn’t about freedom”; when mayors are saying that unvaccinated people can’t enter gyms, restaurants, etc., it’s worth asking why these folks are so eager to force a vaccine on the masses. To merely write this off as public health work to “save lives” is ridiculous, at this point.

What do you make of the latest poll showing that attempting to strong-arm the unvaccinated into getting the jab won’t work? Let us know in the comments section below.