COVID Vaccine Mandates Likened to Slavery


The outrage, fallout, and negative consequences of COVID vaccine mandates are only just beginning. This applies not just at the national level where President Biden has lawsuits coming, due to the edict he imposed on the country’s businesses; it also applies to state and local level vaccine mandates.

New York City, weeks ago, came out with a Key to NYC Pass; this so-called “key” essentially means that without proof of vaccination against COVID, individuals cannot set foot in restaurants, bars, gyms, or other indoor facilities.

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Many Americans are not pleased with this. Moreover, the people who oppose vaccine mandates are not only limited to right-wing conservatives and Republicans. According to Fox News, Black Lives Matter continues to come out against COVID vaccine mandates.

Black Lives Matter on Mandatory COVID Vaccines

Black Lives Matter — a central backer of the Democrat Party — is not at all on board with the COVID vaccine mandates being pushed by the left. In New York, BLM leader Chivona Newsome even communicated to Fox News the group’s issues with these sort of mandates.

Newsome described De Blasio’s vaccine mandate as “racist” and inherently antagonistic towards black residents of New York. Furthermore, Newsome declared that having to show proof of vaccination in order to enter businesses is tantamount to “modern day Freedom Papers.”

In a nutshell, Newsome made it very clear that BLM doesn’t see COVID vaccine mandates as progressive or a good policy. Newsome later told Fox News that because of the NYC mayor’s vaccine mandate, black New Yorkers are going to lose employment and suffer societal ostracizing.

Finally, Newsome stated that New York’s chapter of Black Lives Matter is going to protest accordingly until they get the COVID vaccine mandate shut down once and for all.

Democrats Went a Step Too Far

It is readily clear right now that mandatory COVID vaccines step on more toes than just Republicans’ and conservatives’. Democrats remain disturbingly dismissive of anyone who criticizes vaccine mandates.

However, this will not be so easy for them to do with Black Lives Matter so openly coming out against COVID vaccine mandates. It will be very fascinating to see the forthcoming demonstrations from Black Lives Matter.

Americans will also get to witness how De Blasio responds to these promised protests. If Democrats continue sticking by and pushing through these COVID vaccine mandates, they’ll merely ensure more opposition and backlash.

What do you think about Black Lives Matter coming out so strongly against COVID vaccine mandates? Do you believe the opposition from this particular group will hurt Democrats who insist on forcing through these mandates in various communities across the country? Let us know where you think all of this will lead below in the section for comments.