COVID Vaccine Mandates Likely to Backfire

Over this month alone, public health officials, various businesses, and others have been on a tirade regarding the COVID vaccine. Mandates are being rolled out left and right. Some employers are stating that individuals need to get the COVID vaccine in order to keep their jobs.

Public health officials like Leana Wen are professing that unvaccinated people’s lives need to intentionally be made more challenging. Meanwhile, New York has announced that individuals will soon need proof of COVID vaccination in order to enter fitness centers, bars, and other businesses.

It’s very clear what the motivation behind these new COVID vaccine mandates is. It’s not about protecting public health or keeping people safe; it’s about strong-arming and bullying individuals into getting a vaccine they clearly don’t want.

However, Breitbart News reports new information showing that COVID vaccine mandates are highly likely to backfire.

The Problem with Mandating the COVID Vaccine

Just earlier this month, Economist/YouGov released a survey sharing details about the various factors that will not persuade unvaccinated individuals to get the jab. As it turns out, majorities of individuals would continue to refuse the COVID vaccine even if former President Trump advised it.

The same also applies for making the vaccine mandatory for travel, providing $100 to newly vaccinated persons, and getting the FDA to finally approve the vaccines. Strong majorities also confirmed that COVID vaccine recommendations from their doctors or their governors wouldn’t persuade them to get the vaccine either.

This data sends a very clear message; it shows that trying to strong-arm and bully people into getting the COVID vaccine doesn’t work. The vaccine itself doesn’t stop COVID infection; it doesn’t stop transmission either.

The White House announced late last week that now 50% of the nation is vaccinated. The people who are not immunized against COVID have their reasons and remain firm in sticking by them.

Standing Up Against Tyranny

As things currently stand, there’s a very strong need to resist tyranny. The people who advocate for this vaccine to be pushed and forced on people are not concerned about health.

Folks like CNN’s Leana Wen who openly declare that unvaccinated people need to be inconvenienced into getting the COVID vaccine are tyrants who only care about control. The survey detailed above makes it very clear that most people who aren’t vaccinated at this point don’t plan on bowing to mandates or requirements for the jab.

The buck stops when enough people stand up and coherently, firmly say NO.

What do you think about the news that COVID vaccine mandates and requirements are unlikely to have their intended effects? What do you make of this heavy push for the COVID vaccine? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section below.