COVID Testing Plan Leads to New Issues


Joe Biden’s plan to do away with COVID, something he promised during the 2020 presidential election, is not panning out so well. All Biden’s done regarding this virus is finger-wag at the unvaccinated and then push through various medical mandates.

None of this has stopped or defeated the virus. It also hasn’t stopped at least two new COVID strains from materializing under Biden’s watch. Of course, this is not something the 46th president will ever take responsibility for.

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As the plan to defeat COVID has turned out to be a failure, Biden is now trying to shift the metric of focus from collective cases to merely hospitalizations and deaths.

The Biden administration is additionally putting more emphasis on testing for the virus; however, this is not without its own challenges, as documented by Fox Business.

What to Know About COVID Testing in the United States

Healthcare companies are now in the position of having to increase production levels of coronavirus tests. These tests are supposed to give individuals the results of their COVID status within a ten-minute timeframe, also.

Americans who are looking for these tests can go to stores such as Walmart or even shop for COVID tests online via Amazon. With the Biden administration’s newfound focus on testing for the virus, demand for these kits are going to increase more and more.

Earlier in the year, Americans were used to getting temperature checks as a means of seeing whether or not they had the virus; however, health officials have since claimed that not everyone who has COVID will necessary run a fever.

Over time, temperature checks have been essentially screened out as a means of unofficially testing to see whether or not someone has coronavirus.

Testing Shortages in America

Like many other goods in America, there is currently a shortage in COVID testing; therefore, the demand for healthcare companies to produce these at-home kits is stronger than ever.

In other news, it turns out the Biden administration had the chance earlier this year to get ahead of COVID testing. Back in October, the White House was advised to get more at-home tests into Americans’ hands.

However, when this suggestion arose, the Biden administration shot it down by claiming they didn’t have the wherewithal to implement such a plan on a nationwide scale. Apparently, the White House has suddenly managed to find the wherewithal to make this happen.

The timing of this comes as Biden has pretty much given up on his professed promise to “shut down” coronavirus.

Do you think having more COVID tests distributed across the United States will make a positive difference as we head into a new year? Drop your thoughts below in the comments section.