COVID-19 Vaccine Test Triggers "Unexplained Illness" in Study Participant

"Syringes with bottle with Covid-19 vacci" (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

For quite some time, a vaccine for coronavirus has been heralded as the end-all for a return to normal; however, certain vaccine manufacturers and even Dr. Anthony Fauci are still on the record claiming that social distancing and face coverings won’t disappear when a COVID-19 vaccine arrives.

What many people don’t know is that prior attempts to create vaccines for different strains of coronavirus have ultimately failed. In the case of a COVID-19 vaccine, history may be repeating itself.
Breaking developments from Fox Business show that big pharma company Johnson & Johnson is pausing their study into a coronavirus vaccine after a volunteer suffered an “unexplained illness” following an injection.

An “Unexplained Illness” and What You Should Know

News about a study participant suffering from an “unexplained illness” after a coronavirus vaccine test is pretty major. However, the story gets even more interesting because Johnson & Johnson is refusing to provide further details.
When asked for a more specific statement, the big pharma company simply professed that they must “respect this participant’s privacy” without sharing more information. Likewise, Johnson & Johnson admitted that they themselves are “still learning” about the full extent of the injury sustained by this study volunteer.

There is no telling just how sick the participant is and whether or not he or she will ever make a full recovery. The “unexplained illness” is now being cited by certain individuals as a reason not to rush a vaccine.
Contrary to popular belief, all vaccines come with risk of injury, harm, or even death; this includes vaccines that are sent to market after years of studies and trials. No vaccine is entirely free of harm or risk.
Prior to the “unexplained illness,” Americans were already largely split on whether or not to get a vaccine for COVID-19; some folks have even suggested that a vaccine for the virus isn’t necessary due to coronavirus’ high survivability rate fluctuating between 94.6% and 99.997%.

Mandating the Coronavirus Vaccine

Weeks ago, Virginia Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver professed that he plans to mandate the coronavirus vaccine (with no exemptions) for all state residents once it becomes available. Since the news about the “unexplained illness” resulting from Johnson & Johnson’s study, Oliver has not amended his plan.

Many people in this country believe that the decision to get a vaccine or not should be a personal choice. This outlook is especially popular in regards to the coronavirus vaccine, notably after the breaking news on Johnson & Johnson. The big pharma company is also facing criticism for a lack of forthcomingness about just how sick the volunteer actually is.
An “unexplained illness” linked to a coronavirus vaccine test can mean many things; however, none of them are good.
What do you think about the botched Johnson & Johnson trial for the coronavirus vaccine? If this vaccine does make it to the market, should leaders have the authority to mandate it? Let us know in the comments section below!