COVID-19 Cases, Fatalities See Massive Drop

"Kellyanne Conway Speaks with Reporters" (Public Domain) by The White House

When Americans observe the mainstream media, there’s a lot of fearmongering and sensational headlines as it pertains to coronavirus.
Virtually every left-wing media outlet plasters claims of “new cases” across their headlines. Outlets even take it upon themselves to opine about potential causes of the virus or situations where COVID-19 “could” spread and infect others.

The rampant negativity regarding this virus comes at a time when many Americans are struggling with financial woes, mental health, and how they’re going to ensure their kids’ access to education this fall. In light of all this, the leftist press has taken hits for choosing to cover very specific aspects of the virus while leaving out others.
Meanwhile, Americans should know that hospitalizations, cases, and fatalities of coronavirus have experienced significant declines, as reported by Breitbart News.

The Facts About Coronavirus in America

Recent findings from COVID Tracking Project have shown a downward spiral in coronavirus hospitalizations, cases, and fatalities. These findings have also persisted for multiple weeks in a row; for this reason, the aforementioned declines are viewed as consistent and not influenced by certain drops in COVID-19 testing.

Following the height of reported coronavirus cases last month, cases and deaths have steadily decreased over subsequent weeks. Hospitalizations are also becoming fewer and farther in between with a reduced need for equipment like ventilators.
In certain areas of the nation, coronavirus cases and deaths continue to drop, even with a surge in testing for the virus. These are details that many mainstream media outlets are not at all vocal about when reporting COVID-19 updates.

Why Won’t the Mainstream Media Cover Declining Cases?

For years now, the mainstream media has gained a reputation for opining rather than reporting. President Trump repeatedly censures the biased press for leaving out details or flagrantly misrepresenting news.
Conservatives and others have stated that Democrats and the mainstream media possess a vested interest in promoting fear of the virus.

The ongoing 2020 presidential election is believed to play a role in certain desires to keep Americans fearful; this is something which multiple conservative pundits have warned about, stating that this all ties into Democrats seeking to unseat President Trump.
Are you surprised to learn that coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are declining rather than surging? Do you think the mainstream media should cover this information more frequently? Share your viewpoints with us in the comments section below!