Court Rulings Allow Sanctuary Cities To Keep Receiving Federal Funds

In yet another attack on the laws of the land, cities and towns in America are being granted federal funding from the government, despite their refusal to abide by the nation’s immigration laws.

The Green Light for Sanctuary Cities

The Justice Department has officially confirmed that the majority of places which qualify as sanctuary cities have been given the green light to receive funding from the United States government. This comes in light of the fact that these cities are literally breaking the law by aiding and abetting known criminals and refusing to cooperate with the men and women who are responsible for enforcing the laws of this country.
This is truly unfortunate because it sends a horrible message. Cities which are allowed to flagrantly break the law and receive funding from the government are being told that what they’re doing is OK. They’re being told that it’s OK to disregard the laws of the land and spit in the face of law enforcement. If cities can get away with not following the law, why should citizens have to follow the law? This is a very dangerous and slippery slope which we’ve found ourselves on.
At the end of the day, immigration laws exist for the purpose of keeping this country safe from harm. The reality is that we cannot allow just anyone to pour in. We have to screen people; we have to be sure that people who want to come to America are able to support themselves and positively contribute to society.
Sanctuary cities may believe that they are somehow on the right side of things, but history will not remember them in that manner.
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