Country Music Star Raises Eyebrows Over New Decision

It’s very well-documented, at this point, that most Americans don’t want kids being exposed to drag queens. Because drag, in and of itself, has sexual undertones, the general consensus is that it’s not appropriate for children in any capacity.

Nevertheless, there are still various reports of drag queens giving lap dances to kids in bars and reading to kids in libraries.

Though despite the current heat and controversy surrounding drag queens, country music star Kelsea Ballerini recently showed her support for them, as documented by Breitbart News.

A Breakdown of the Situation

Taking to social media, Ballerini stated that if drag queens end up “going down,” she’ll be “going down” with them. The country music singer also shared a photo of herself surrounded by drag queens, with the caption celebrating them for “self-expression” and “love.”

Another key part of Ballerini’s show in Nashville involved paying tribute to the six Christians who lost their lives in late March, due to a mass shooting.

Not only did the country music star list the names of the deceased, but she also talked about her own experience of witnessing a school shooting in 2008.

The Bottom Line

Despite Ballerini’s show of support for drag queens, the issue of kids being exposed to them has not gone away.

In fact, it’s spiraled so far out of control that now legislation across the country is being implemented to ensure that children aren’t exposed to these performances that are inherently sexual.

Drag queens have become a sensitive subject for many Americans who recognize nefarious undertones in a growing number of kids being exposed to them. While performing in Nashville, this is not a subject matter that Ballerini addressed.

The country music star did, however, face some criticism from Americans who are not too happy with drag queen culture at the moment.