Conservatives Ready for Third Night of GOP National Convention

"President Trump in North Carolina" (Public Domain) by The White House

Monday and Tuesday nights marked parts one and two of the Republican National Convention.
Already, the GOP National Convention is pulling in ratings that surpass the Democratic National Convention several times over. Furthermore, over the past couple of nights, conservative speakers have focused on policy matters, the greatness of America, and how President Trump’s work in the White House is bettering the nation.

Now, reports from Fox News confirm that conservatives are ready for the third night of the Republican National Convention. Tonight will mark part three of four of the GOP National Convention, with a diverse array of speakers set to take the stage.

What to Know About the GOP National Convention’s Third Night

Tonight’s segment of the Republican National Convention will start at 8:30 PM EST and last until 11 PM EST. While Monday and Tuesday nights’ themes focused on the “Land of Promise” and the “Land of Opportunity,” tonight’s theme is all about the “Land of Heroes.”
Similarly to the first and second nights of the GOP National Convention, Americans will get to hear from a set of new conservative speakers. Some of these speakers shall include but are certainly not restricted to the following: South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, second lady Karen Pence, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Lara Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and others.

Each of tonight’s speeches will adhere to the Land of Heroes theme; however, conservatives addressing the nation tonight will also be able to discuss additional matters that are relevant to the re-election of President Trump and ongoing events in the nation.

Reactions to the First Two Nights of the RNC

Many conservative Americans have praised the GOP National Convention and its speakers. Republicans and other like-minded folks across the country are ready for a second term of Trump in office and maintain that the best is yet to come.

Democrats, however, have taken a very different approach to the GOP National Convention. Several left-wingers with blue checkmarks on Twitter have posted disparaging remarks about the Republican speakers; mocking the first lady’s accent and calling for Sen. Rand Paul to be attacked by his neighbor again are just a couple of examples.
Based on the first two nights of the Republican National Convention and varying responses from different Americans, the remaining two nights ought to be interesting.
Have you enjoyed the GOP National Convention thus far? Will you be watching tonight and tomorrow night? Be sure to fill us in down below in the comments section.