Conservative Activist Jumps Pelosi's Fence With Illegal Aliens to Prove a Vital Point

As the political rhetoric and stakes continue to mount, more and more people in this country are resorting to drastic means in order to prove their points and get what they want.
According to Townhall, conservative activist Laura Loomer actually went to the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Loomer also brought illegal aliens with her in order to make a point.

What Happened?

Loomer, who is known for her conservative activism, took to Pelosi’s home in order to protest illegal immigration. In doing so, Loomer brought various Mexican and Guatemalan illegal immigrants with her; together, the crowd hopped over Pelosi’s fence and urged the House Speaker and her family to let them in. They also displayed images of Americans who lost their lives to illegal immigration. Finally, law enforcement officers were called and the crowd was forced to disperse.

The Ramifications

The protests outside of Pelosi’s home come after Democrats have ongoingly fought tooth and nail against President Trump’s work to build a Southern border barrier in order to stop illegal immigration. Many conservatives have noted the irony of wealthy Democrats having walls and barriers around their own homes, yet not wanting America to have a wall at our border which has served as a beacon for illegal immigrants.
Loomer’s antics also come as the government shutdown gets closer and closer to reaching a one-month milestone. On Saturday, the shutdown which began on December 21, 2018, officially broke the record as the longest shutdown in United States history. Even still, there is no apparent resolution in sight, seeing as both President Trump and Democratic leaders are steadfastly remaining by their positions on the wall.
What do you think about Laura Loomer taking illegal immigrants to Pelosi’s home and demanding to be let inside? Share your thoughts and feedback with us in the comments section below!
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