Congress Still Deadlocked Over COVID-19 Relief Aid

"Library of Congress" (CC BY 2.0) by Phil Roeder

As more and more states shut down their communities and impose curfews, Americans are suffering big time. Yesterday, the Labor Department showed that claims for unemployment ascended to an all-time high last week, greatly surpassing the predictions of economists.

“President Trump Pardons the National Tha” (Public Domain) by The White House

Amid economic turmoil and uncertainty, many Americans are looking for financial aid, namely a new stimulus package from the federal government. Right now, though, it’s looking like some time will pass before Congress is able to reach an agreement on stimulus aid for Americans.
New reports from Newsmax confirm that congressional members remain deadlocked over the particulars of an appropriate stimulus package for the American people.

Why Americans Shouldn’t Hold Their Breath Waiting for a New Stimulus Package

This week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put a pin into negotiations revolving around a new COVID-19 stimulus package. Put simply, Republicans in Washington are not on board with liberal demands for funding states and localities to the tune of $160 billion dollars.
The current impasse marks a pattern in negotiations for COVID-19 relief; Democrats have a habit of seeking bailouts for leftist states and cities that have purposefully ruined their own economies, while Republicans tend to oppose bailouts of this nature.

Earlier this week, the White House submitted a proposal for COVID-19 stimulus aid; however, congressional Democrat leaders asserted that the Trump administration’s proposal lacked the proper funding and threatened bipartisan conversations for relief in Washington.
Americans now know that these bipartisan negotiations remain on pause until something changes on one or both sides.

Delivering for the American People

Leaders in both the Senate and the House of Representatives maintain that no congressional adjournment will happen until the success of a relief package for Americans.
Right now, it appears as though congressional Republicans and Democrats will both have to be willing to bend a little; otherwise, little will change from the ongoing impasse. The history of troublesome and rocky negotiations of this nature between the GOP and Democrats indicate that more time will likely pass before an agreement is reached.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared this week that Congress will continue working after Christmas if that is what it takes to deliver more relief to the American people.
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