Communists Protest Trump, Burn U.S. Flags, Scream "America Was Never Great!"

Over the course of President Trump’s time in office, the left-wing has been driven insane by their hatred of the president and their failure to impeach him.

This insanity has manifested in a variety of ways, from leftists adopting radical policies to attacking Trump supporters in the streets, burning American flags, and forming the hate group known as AntiFa. When Trump ascended to the position of president of the United States, the left-wing vowed to “resist” him, regardless of legislation or policies.

Yesterday, the left’s resistance struck again from a communist group which calls themselves Revolution Club Los Angeles. The communists resisted by screaming as Trump visited a hotel in Los Angeles and fighting with pro-Trump protesters, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The president appeared in Los Angeles yesterday in order to support a fundraiser event for GOP donor Geoffrey Palmer.

Reviewing the Protests in Los Angeles

The communists who protested in the streets yesterday were nothing short of vulgar and utterly classless. They didn’t hesitate to curse and swear at the president, burn the American flag, and claim that this nation was never great.

Furthermore, Revolution Club Los Angeles made very clear that they were proud of their actions and see nothing wrong with the antics they engaged in yesterday. What’s fascinating about all this is that as this communist group burned the flag, cursed Trump and Pence, and screamed about how much they hate America, they also called for “humanity first.”

Some of their outrageous behaviors and clashes with pro-Trump people were caught on video and uploaded online for the world to see:

America…Love it or Leave it!

It’s absolutely mind-blowing that folks on the left profess to hate America so much and still remain in the country. Radical progressives are constantly talking about how racist they think America is, how much they believe systems are specifically designed to keep certain people down, etc. If the communists who protested in the streets yesterday feel this negatively about the country, why remain here?

Pointing out issues and areas in need of improvement is vastly different from burning the American flag and claiming that this country was “never great.”

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