Comey Says Trump May Face Indictment after Presidency


James Comey is back in the news.
According to the former FBI director, President Trump could face an indictment once his time in the White House is over; the statements made by Comey have been documented by Fox News.

Reviewing Comey’s Statements

On Thursday, Comey attended a CNN town hall; during this event, the results of Mueller’s Russia investigation came up, as did claims that the president could face an indictment due to alleged obstruction of justice. It’s important to note that Trump’s enemies have been claiming that he obstructed justice ever since the probe determined that there was no collusion with the Russian government.
In Comey’s own words:

“Mueller was trying to do something principled and fair, and I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes when you try to do that, people misunderstand you. He said, I can’t indict the president because of Department of Justice policy and given that, it would be unfair to accuse him of a crime in a document when he can’t vindicate himself in a trial.”

The former director of the FBI then expressed his belief that the Justice Department will “take a serious look” at whether Trump ought to be indicted once his time in office is over.

The Response from President Trump

Comey’s remarks generated a response from President Trump, in which the latter slammed Comey as a “disgrace to the FBI” who will go down as the worst director in history.
See for yourself:

The president fired Comey from his position as FBI director two year’s ago, due to the latter’s mismanagement of the organization. Comey’s termination is another political occurrence which Democrats have attempted to spin into something nefarious, in order to suit their political agenda.
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