Colorado Teacher Calls For an All-Out Attack on “Whiteness” in the US

During an event organized by the state of Colorado’s AFL-CIO, one of the teachers present claimed he’d seen several Marxists and Leninists in the crowd, albeit not in the context you’d imagine.

As it turns out, Tim Hernandez, the teacher in question, is one hell of a commie himself. He’s been including lessons on the communist agenda in his classroom at the Aurora West Preparatory Academy.

The Woke have stepped up their game

However, when he was up on the stage, he was propagating a little more than just the standard nonsense the left-leaning crowd usually calls for.

Hernandez was demanding an all-out, forced cultural revolution of the US, one that would erase the concept of “whiteness” from this once beautiful country.

Naturally, the Aurora Public Schools District didn’t respond to any requests for comment after it was revealed one of their teachers was involved in what could easily be considered a call for violence.

If that wasn’t enough, Hernandez was forcing his communist beliefs on young children in his classrooms. There are reports of him showing young children the animated movie “A Bug’s Life,” followed by a lengthy dissertation on the proletariat revolution.

What Hernandez was essentially doing is indoctrinating this nation’s youngest generations into the belief that a social revolution in which the working class will overthrow the bourgeoisie was more than necessary and destined to happen.

Hernandez walks in Mao’s footsteps

Instead of doing the right thing and resigning, Hernandez went on to defend his actions, claiming he’d only been doing it for the greater good.

A quick dive through his social media can tell you just how deranged this man is when it comes to this so-called “cultural revolution” he’s calling for; what’s even more concerning is how anti-white he is.

Pretty strange coming from someone whose ancestors came from Europe and populated the entirety of both North and South America; although it’s not the first time that lefties meant anti-American when claiming something to be anti-white.

History tends to repeat itself.

Mao Tse-Tung used children as the fuel for his revolution, the majority of them even betraying their parents for the sake of the Communist Party, which would then allow them to move up a class in society.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.