CNN Trashes Biden’s Mixed Messages on COVID Booster Shots

Over the past week or so, talk about coronavirus booster shots has come up. Americans are now being told that they’ll need to get boosters on top of the Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson vaccines they took.

Meanwhile, controversial health official Dr. Anthony Fauci also had some interesting things to say about coronavirus vaccine booster shots. Fauci predicted that “fully vaccinated” will eventually evolve to entail taking one of the three aforementioned vaccine brands in addition to booster shots.

As always the goalposts continue to move; however, on the issue of booster shots, it appears that the Biden administration spoke a little too soon. Now, CNN — of all outlets — is criticizing the Biden administration’s messaging on COVID booster shots, as Fox News confirms.

CNN’s Annoyance with the Biden Administration

When President Biden first spoke about COVID booster shots, he declared they’d be ready for society by Monday, September 20. After the president made this claim, health officials appeared confused.

In fact, it was apparently such an issue that two top Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials resigned from their posts. Meanwhile, the FDA themselves conveyed the need to continue certain data analyses before committing to any given date of readiness.

During yesterday’s segment, CNN spoke about the implications of this. According to the deeply leftist news network, this latest display is “concerning” and making U.S. citizens feel “jerked around.”

When Joshua Jamerson, a national politics reporter with Wall Street Journal, spoke on CNN about this matter yesterday, he didn’t hold back. Jamerson explained that because of mixed messaging from the White House, American voters he’s spoken with are frustrated.

Finally, CNN made a point of noting the Biden administration’s “clear inability” to convey steady and transparent messages to the American public.

Inconsistent Messaging from the Experts

What’s happening now with mixed messaging from the Biden administration is nothing new. Leftists have screamed that Americans need to “trust the experts”; yet, ironically, it is the experts who can’t get their stories straight.

First, the CDC said fully vaccinated Americans did not need to wear masks. Then, they changed their minds and said fully vaccinated Americans do need to wear masks. The healthcare community as a collective touted the COVID vaccine as the key to ending the pandemic; yet, the vaccine itself does not stop transmission, infection, or even death in certain cases.

Also, there are at least two different COVID variants (delta and mu) with some level of resistance against the vaccines. The experts haven’t managed to get their story straight since the inception of this pandemic; yet, they have the audacity to take umbrage with people who don’t blindly trust them or do what they say.

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