CNN Slammed For Attacking Tucker Carlson

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been trending for weeks on end now. Ever since Fox News abruptly fired him, Americans have been weighing in with all sorts of thoughts, comments, and feedback.

A great deal of the country is not happy with Carlson being sacked.

Many Americans who enjoyed his nightly show on Fox are now looking forward to what Carlson does next. Fans of the former host of Fox News also believe the network will eventually come to regret letting go of Carlson.

However, CNN shares very different sentiments. Though the left-wing network’s decision to brand Carlson as a “right-wing extremist” has majorly backfired, as documented by the Gateway Pundit.

Not a Wise Move

In the post calling Carlson a “right-wing extremist,” CNN reported that he would be starting a new show on Twitter. However, many Americans took issue with CNN and responded accordingly.

Fans of Carlson noted that CNN believes any and everyone who isn’t firmly left of center to be a right-wing extremist. Others pointed out this sort of name-calling is precisely why trust in the media is falling, as CNN’s ratings have also been in the doghouse for quite some time.

Finally, Americans reminded CNN of the various tawdry scandals that its own current and former anchors have been involved in over the years.

Alternative Media

Tucker Carlson’s return to the air via Twitter will be yet another notch in the belt of alternative media. Alternative media is ultimately rising as more people view the mainstream as biased and intentionally pushing an agenda, rather than just reporting on the facts.

CNN certainly isn’t doing itself any favors, even as new leadership in the network appears to be working on rebranding and repairing its image.

Americans will have to stay tuned to see what all Carlson’s Twitter show entails.