CNN Proves Its Hatred for Unvaccinated Americans


The coronavirus vaccine is yet another matter where the left seeks to impose its will upon Americans. Despite the narratives from Dr. Fauci and the mainstream media, the COVID vaccine is far from FDA approved; moreover, the vaccine has caused a litany of dangerous side effects. 

These are matters that the COVID vaccine sycophants will never acknowledge. Instead, they’re too busy blindly screaming that this vaccine is safe, while ignoring all cases, evidence, and reports to the contrary. The medical community, to this day, continues to downplay, if not outrightly ignore, the adverse reactions to this vaccine. 

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Not too long ago, however, CNN took it a step further. Very recently, a medical analyst for the leftist media network stated that unvaccinated individuals need to have a harder time living in America, Breitbart News confirms. 

What CNN Really Thinks About the Unvaccinated

Days ago, Dr. Leana Wen made some revealing and disturbing statements about unvaccinated Americans. Wen admitted that she believes everyday life needs to be much harder for Americans who aren’t vaccinated against COVID.

The CNN medical contributor also advocated for unvaccinated folks to have to undergo consistent tests and fill out various forms in order to engage in society. Put simply, Wen wants to bully people into getting the coronavirus vaccine by making their lives miserable until they cave in. 

Of course, Wen had a justification for such an outlook that’s been widely deemed as tyrannical. The medical contributor claimed that because of the existing Delta variant of COVID, bumping up immunization rates throughout the nation is a must. 

However, for all of Wen’s talk about making life tougher for unvaccinated folks, she never once mentioned the adverse side effects and negative reactions to the COVID vaccine. These are matters that don’t fit into the “this vaccine is safe” narrative; therefore, the medical community merely elects to downplay and ignore negative reactions to the coronavirus vaccine. 

Lack of Trust in the Medical Community

The aforementioned statements made by Wen are a huge reason why so many people do not trust the medical community. When medical analysts downplay adverse vaccine reactions and then openly advocate for Americans to be socially bullied into getting a vaccine, this doesn’t do much to inspire confidence. 

Officials like Wen have yet to learn this. Instead, they’ll simply continue spewing their rhetoric and ignoring anything that fails to support the idea that COVID vaccines are safe and above reproach. Then, of course, Wen and others will keep wondering why more and more Americans are not getting the vaccine. 

Ironically, the lack of trust in the medical community is a problem of their own making. 

What do you think about a CNN medical contributor openly claiming that life ought to be difficult for Americans who haven’t gotten the COVID vaccine? Let us get your take in the comments section below.