CNN Prints New Lies About President Trump

Since the 2016 presidential election, CNN has consistently gotten zinged for being the fakest of all fake news. The network dug themselves into this hole by constantly printing phony, inaccurate, and wrong information about then-candidate Trump.

Since the president’s time in office, CNN has not subsided their inaccurate reports or engaged in a shred of journalistic integrity. If anything, the network has gotten worse because they now seek to undermine Trump’s presidency and service to the American people.

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Last week, CNN landed in hot water for printing lies about President Trump yet again. On Saturday, the president called out the fake news network, stating that they’d printed an untrue report about his use of a personal cell phone, per reports from Townhall.

The Latest Fake News from CNN

On Friday, CNN put out a story, alleging that President Trump “still uses” his personal smartphone notwithstanding warnings against it and increased attention towards his calls. The fake news story also went on to state that the impeachment proceedings against the president have engendered worries regarding “security” risks and “potential vulnerability” linked to the “president’s communications.”

However, it turns out that none of this was accurate. Not long after the false report, Trump put out a tweet blasting CNN for their lies and demanding a retraction.

CNN declined to honor the president’s demand for a retraction and instead amended their original report. The network noted that while Trump denied their report, they “stand by it.” Moreover, CNN alleged that “sources” told them the president “has personally been issued” various cell phones.

The Perils of Fake News

At this point, lies from CNN are simply par for the course; they’re not an honest network by any means, but this understanding doesn’t make their fake reports any less dangerous.

CNN by hyku, on Flickr

CNN” (CC BY 2.0) by hyku

The reality is that there are certain groups of Americans who read, believe, and internalize the inaccurate coverage from CNN. This, in turn, contributes to the loathing and Trump Derangement Syndrome that certain people in this country harbor towards the president.

Leftists will call out Trump for “going after” the press, but they won’t encourage the press to be honest and check their “sources” before putting out fake news.

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