CNN Likens "Joker" Movie to "White-Male Resentment"

The Democrat Party lives and thrives off of identity politics. If there’s a way for the left-wing to make something about race and further their narrative that right-wingers are evil, they’ll go to the ends of the earth to make it happen. It’s actually ironic because Democrats love to complain about the division in America when they’re the main ones who foster and enable this division.

Major news networks, and especially CNN, are far from exempt from this situation. Not only does CNN have a history of reporting fake news regarding President Trump, but they’ve also made some not-so-nice comments about Americans who support the president. As of late, the network is facing censure for their remarks on the new Joker movie.

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CNN” (CC BY 2.0) by hyku

According to Breitbart News, CNN Opinion writer Jeff Yang is facing new attention for his piece which claims that Joker reflects “white-male resentment” which supposedly caused the election of President Trump.

The Worst Take on the Joker Movie

Yang’s assessment of the Joker movie is terrible all the way around, but it’s also very telling. Democrats truly cannot help themselves; it’s almost as if they’re compelled to view every single thing in life through the lens of race and oppression. It’s very sad. There are various political undertones in the Joker movie, but it has nothing to do with supposedly angry white men voting for President Trump.

Still, be that as it may, left-wingers have never let logic, reasons, or sense get in their way when there’s a narrative to promote.

Therefore, an excerpt of Yang’s commentary reads as follows:

“It’s an insidious validation of the white-male resentment that helped bring President Donald Trump to power. […] [Joker is] a man who has been crushed underfoot by the elite, dragged down by equality-demanding feminists and climbed over by upstart nonwhite and immigrant masses. [The film draws] from the same well of resentment that Trump strums with his racist rhetoric at his rallies.”

An Accurate Assessement of the Joker Movie

There are a variety of themes within Joker; mental health and class warfare are two of them. Furthermore, many viewers of Joker left theaters with various theories about how much of the film was real and how much was merely figments of Joker’s imagination; individuals who have watched the movie will have a firmer understanding of why these theories exist.

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Contrary to Yang’s deeply misguided take, Joker is not an assessment of white male Trump supporters, nor does it pertain to any statements which the president has made at his rallies. The true tragedy here is that the left is bound and determined to assess everything in life with the belief that racism and evil are lurking around each corner.

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