CNN Facing Serious Challenges Due to Low Ratings

CNN has been in a lot of controversy within the past several years.

The platform is routinely derided for spreading what many Americans deem to be fake news. Often, this fake news comes with one side of an issue or story being presented.

Conservatives especially have called out the news network for being a left-wing cheerleader, while refusing to extend the same goodwill to the political right.

It also doesn’t help matters that officials within CNN’s ranks have faced various scandals involving sexual impropriety and other misconduct. The situation has gotten to be so dire that several of these officials were let go from the network.

Others like John Griffin have been brought up on serious criminal charges.

Amid all this chaos, CNN has now found itself in the middle of very low ratings. This could impact the decisions the network makes going forward, per Washington Examiner.

Tough Times For the Left-wing News Network

As CNN’s ratings and viewership levels tank, its profits aren’t too far behind. Therefore, this places CNN in a situation where it has to bring in more earnings, cut back on its expenses, or both.

Thus far, the network has suffered a 15% decline in viewership between Americans of ages 25 to 54. This is an essential demographic for CNN, forcing it to consider other alternatives, such as brand expansion and pursuing various advertising agreements.

According to the S&P Global Market Intelligence, CNN’s profits are anticipated to drop to a low of $956.8 million in 2022. To some people, this might seem like the network isn’t doing so poorly after all.

However, since 2016, CNN has consistently maintained at least $1 billion in annual profits. If the S&P Global Market Intelligence’s prediction pans out, it will seriously indicate CNN is on a decline that’s not sustainable in the long term.

Switching Things Up?

For years on end, CNN has been widely regarded as a left-wing news network. Although, new management at the network is looking to change that; if nothing else, rebranding could help the network’s ratings.

Thus far, higher-ups at CNN are pushing for the network to return to a style that’s not just pro-Democratic, but also where Republicans can also have their voices and takes heard on the issues.

In a nutshell, higher-ups at CNN want the network to be viewed as more fair and balanced than it has been in the past. Ultimately, it remains to be seen what effect this has in the long term and whether or not the general public comes to trust CNN again.

What are your views about the declining ratings of CNN? What moves do you believe the network will make to offset this challenge? You’re invited to share your ideas with us in the comments area.