CNN Comes Out Against Biden Running For Re-election

Joe Biden appears to have every intention of running for re-election in 2024. This is something that’s not only confirmed by the White House, but it’s likewise something Biden’s been telling to people around him.

The sitting president believes that he is the lone Democrat who can beat Trump if the latter runs for a second term again. However, Biden’s logic behind this view remains highly questionable.

To date, Biden’s approval rating is several points lower than Trump’s was during this time in his presidency.

Moreover, on Biden’s watch, the economy and southern border are disasters; there are major shortages in critical supplies like baby formula, and America’s enemies overseas no longer take us seriously as they did under Trump.

All of this could be why CNN has now come out and said that Biden should not seek re-election, per The Hill.

A Major Blow to the Current President

CNN is a left-leaning network with a tendency to defend Democrats. Therefore, having one of its political analysts say that Biden should sit out re-election is quite significant.

David Gergen, who is also a previous White House adviser, sounded off on the optics and logistics of the current president running again in 2024.

Gergen pointed out that a Biden vs. Trump rematch would create a scenario where one of them is 80-years-old while holding office.

The political analyst later went on to say that by the time someone reaches 80, they “lose a step” and struggle with vulnerability and sound judgment.

Finally, Gergen declared that baby boomers’ time leading in government is over. The CNN political analyst is of the view that neither Democrats nor Republicans should nominate a candidate who would be serving at 80-years-old if they won the general election.

This assessment comes as the 79-year-old president repeatedly makes mistakes while speaking, loses his train of thought, and otherwise acts bizarrely on a regular basis.

Will Biden Even Make It to 2024?

At this time, there’s a lot of debate about whether or not the current president will even make it to re-election. Biden’s repeated gaffes have given many Americans their doubts.

However, even if he were to somehow last until 2024, the president’s horrible record is a factor. Biden has many strikes against him; his disapproval ratings on issues like crime, education, border security, inflation, etc. remain staggeringly high.

No matter who Biden ends up running against in 2024, he would be hard-pressed to make a solid case as to why he should hold the White House for another four years.

Do you think CNN is correct in saying that Biden should steer clear of running for re-election? Let us know who you’d like to see run for president in 2024 in the comments feed below.