CNN Asked about Trump's Link to Mosque Shooting, Heres How Rep. Kinzinger Responded

The tragic shooting at the New Zealand-based mosque is quickly making the rounds in the press worldwide. A gunman entered the mosque, opened fire and murdered up at least 49 people. Unfortunately, the shooting is already being heavily politicized even here in America, as documented by Townhall.

The Politicization of the Shooting

Hours ago, House Rep. Adam Kinzinger spoke to CNN news anchor John Berman. Berman asked Kinzinger about the shooter and whether or not President Trump’s language played a role in the gunman’s atrocities.
Rep. Kinzinger responded as follows:

“You cannot put this on President Trump.”

Berman noted the shooter’s assertion of President Trump serving as a symbol of “white identity” and compared the rhetoric to that of others who have committed various hate crimes. However, Rep. Kinzinger still maintained that holding President Trump accountable for someone else’s actions is simply nonsensible.
In his own words:

“To make the connection of a president to say I’m concerned with illegal immigration — to say that and go to a guy that’s willing to kill 50 people he may say, ‘President Trump is my idol,’ that doesn’t put it on President Trump. I don’t know what a sick man that would kill 49 people innocently was thinking. I don’t have any idea what was in his mind. I know this. It cannot be connected. We cannot say, ‘what is it President Trump is doing that is somehow triggering these people?’ This is an evil man that made a decision to murder 49 people. And that is on him. Frankly, the evil in his heart.”

Passing the Buck

There is a disturbing trend which is on the rise within the left-wing. Apparently, whenever someone commits an atrocity, somehow President Trump is the one to blame. This is ridiculous and it needs to end.
Despite what the Democrats would like to believe, the president is not responsible for the actions of every raving lunatic out there. Each individual is accountable for their own choices in life. This epidemic of faulting President Trump for the misdeeds of others must come to an end.
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