CNN Accidentally Exposes Itself With Latest Attack On Heather Nauert

The radical leftist stance of most mainstream media outlets becomes painfully more apparent with each passing day. However, CNN has truly shown their true colors by going after Heather Nauert, a former host of Fox News and the prospective new United Nations ambassador. In their attack, CNN implied that Nauert maintains certain “radical” leanings, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing CNN’s Attack on Heather Nauert

CNN took issue with the fact that Nauert hosted a panel called “Terror from Within” back in 2009. The panel featured Robert Spencer, Tarek Fatah, and Frank Gaffney, critics of Jihad and Islamic extremism. The individuals who partook in this panel naturally shared their thoughts and ideas about the subject at hand, terrorism within America.
This offended CNN so much that they accused Nauert of peddling “Sharia Law conspiracies” due to her hosting of the panel. One might actually believe that CNN was sincere in their concern, if not for the fact that CNN has interviewed the exact same individuals on their own network. So, by their logic, when Heather Nauert hosts a panel about terrorism within America, she is promoting bogus conspiracy theories, but when CNN does it, they’re simply covering the news.

Maintaining Awareness

In the left’s neverending quest for so-called social justice, they repeatedly turn a blind eye to various threats and matters which should be taken seriously. It’s important to not fall into the trap of minimizing Sharia Law or all that it stands for. Moreover, it’s important for the American people to be aware of what Sharia Law is and how living under it would impact them.
Apparently, though, this is offensive to the tender sensibilities of CNN.
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