Clinton Gives NEW Excuses for Losing 2016, Slams "Obsessed" Trump as "Corrupt Human Tornado"

Each time that America thinks Hillary Clinton has finally gone away and retreated back into the shadows, she managed to pop back out of the woodwork. Since losing to President Trump, Clinton has not been the same; as a matter of fact, she’s repeatedly offered excuses for why she lost instead of admitting that her policies and track record were terrible and Trump was the superior candidate.

In the wake of this new leftist push to impeach the president, Clinton is back. Townhall reports that during an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the failed presidential candidate slammed Trump, claiming that he’s “obsessed” with her and even strangely branded him as a “corrupt human tornado.”

The additional statements which Clinton made during her interview show, yet again, that Americans made the right choice in not electing her to become the 45th president of the United States.

Reviewing Clinton’s Latest Remarks on President Trump

Clinton kicked off her interview by stating that Trump’s presidency is “illegitimate.” She additionally claimed that a “bunch of different reasons” contributed to her loss in 2016. At this point, it’s quite unfortunate that Clinton still has yet to recognize or publicly acknowledge the reality when it comes to why she lost. Apparently, she’s also not too happy that the president remains critical of her during his campaign rallies with supporters.

In Clinton’s own words:

“I believe he knows he’s an illegitimate president. There were a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out the way it did and I take responsibility for those parts of it that I should. It’s like applying for a job and getting 6 million of letters of recommendation and losing to a corrupt human tornado. […] He’s obsessed with me and I believe it’s a guilty conscience in so much as he has a conscience!

The sour grapes and lack of accountability in Clinton’s statements are just astounding. She then went on to allege that Trump should face impeachment and noted her refusal to “accept” another four years of a Trump presidency.

More to Come?

As the impeachment inquiry plays out, it’s very likely that Americans will be forced to hear more from Hillary Clinton before she retreats back into the shadows. The truth of the matter is that branding the president as illegitimate does not make it so.

This impeachment inquiry will ultimately go nowhere, due to the Republican majority in the Senate. The House may be able to organize and get the votes they need, but impeachment goes nowhere without the support of two-thirds of the Senate. Interestingly enough, Hillary Clinton declined to mention this reality when verbalizing her support for President Trump’s impeachment.

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