Clinton Foundation Goes Further Down the Trash

America is sick to death of the Clinton family.

The Clintons have infamously earned their reputations as being corrupt, untrustworthy, and duplicitous Democrat elites. To make it worse, the Clinton family thinks they’re above it all; they’ve gotten to be so terrible that even some people on the left are imploring them to go away forever.

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IMG_3489.CR2” (CC BY 2.0) by jalexartis

As Americans tire of the Clintons, their Foundation is taking some serious financial hits. New reports from Breitbart News confirm that the Clinton Foundation’s revenue and donations are lower than they’ve been in 16 years. The Foundation actually took a huge loss last year since their expenses exceeded their profits.

Reviewing the Clinton Foundation’s Poor Finances

Per the Clinton Foundation’s own report, their revenue has gradually declined since Hillary’s epic loss to President Trump in 2016. In 2017, the foundation raised $38.4 million dollars; in 2018, they raked in $30.7 million dollars. On paper, those numbers may sound great, but in light of the Clinton Foundation’s expenses, their books are actually quite abysmal.

Last year, the Clinton Foundation reduced capital towards foreign affairs and domestic grants; then, they chose to go all-in with advertising, fundraising, promotion, and other forms of marketing, yet still couldn’t turn a profit.

As the Clinton Foundation continues going further down the trash, Hillary is blaming everyone but herself and her family. In January 2019, the twice-unsuccessful presidential candidate put out an email censuring individuals who are supposedly “making false accusations” and carrying “an axe to grind.”

This is typical of Hillary Clinton. After losing to President Trump, she wrote a memoir and toured across the country in order to make people feel sorry for her. To this very day, as you’re reading this, Clinton still cannot stand that Trump is president and that she never will be.

Can the Clinton Foundation be Saved?

From a realistic standpoint, saving the Clinton Foundation is a tall order, if not an impossible one. The Foundation has repeatedly faced scandals for accepting foreign donations during Clinton’s tenure as the secretary of state and partaking in other questionable acts.

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Hillary Clinton” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Hillary Clinton also hasn’t done herself or her Foundation any favors by continuing to run her mouth in the press. The twice-failed presidential candidate is on record claiming that she lives “rent-free” in President Trump’s head and that she can defeat him “again.” At best, Hillary Clinton is annoying; at worst, she is utterly delusional.

The best thing the Clinton family could do to save their Foundation, at this point, is to go away forever as so many Americans have asked of them.

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